I could not agree more with the comment on amazon.com that IT IS THE LAST BOOK YOU WILL NEED ON THIS TOPIC! Over the last 12 months, I have read countless material about the power of the subconscious mind and no doubt this book is my last!

Other material I have read about the subconscious showed and taught me about the power of the subconscious mind and I am grateful for those. But it just kind of stopped there. I knew I had this gigantic power as we all do, but did not really know what to do with it exactly and clearly. Actually it kind of gets frustrating that you know you have got this power but don’t know what to do with it… And, yet this book made me “believe” in this power in a true sense, internalize it, and understand completely and clearly what to do with it.

As I finished this book, a button got literally turned on inside me that I felt as strong as the entire universe. It got me into action in an area of my life where I knew I could do something well yet everything needed because I am created with that power and I SO wanted that… but somehow deep inside something was stopping me… and this has been so for a long, long time… I think most of us can relate to this kind of a story… But here is what happened: the day I read this book, the locked gate was open… with clarity, enthusiasm and action flowing.. now it is like a waterfall… as I read this book a switch got literally turned on inside me and in came the light…

In fact, after seeing the dramatic change in me, my husband and my 11 year old son got curious to hear what in the world got me into action the way I did. When I told them about the book they were thrilled. Now my 11 year old son is reading the book along with me (as I am reading it again and my husband will wait for his turn) because I am a walking proof of something so powerful in front of their eyes.

I am simply grateful! God bless you Harry! That is the best way I can summarize the value your book has had on me… Thank-you for your contribution to our lives.