Last month I talked about imagination as a tool for achieving goals. Imagination has been pioneered in athletics but it can be used for almost anything. However, there is a requirement when using imagination to achieve a goal—you must be in the alpha state. Alpha is a normal state that you go in and out of all the time but you are unaware of it. If you were to stare at the wall and daydream, you would be in alpha. You could call it your daydreamystate.

Basically, there are four states of mind: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta is the awake state where your mind is active and aware of what’s going on around you. Vigilance, thousands of years ago, and today, was imperative for survival. The brain wave frequency in the beta state is 14 cps (cycles per second) and higher.

Next in line is the alpha state where your mind slows, relaxes, and focuses on one thing rather than all that busy stuff going on around you. This is the state where it is possible to control involuntary functions, such as heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism. We cannot control our involuntary functions consciously, but we can control them indirectly in alpha using imagination. Brain wave frequency in alpha is 13 to 8 cps.

Slower yet is the brain wave frequency in the theta state, 7 to 4 cps. This narrow range occurs just before dropping off to sleep. It is important because it is the range where problems are solved and inspirations occur. Many science mysteries have been solved, songs written, and artistic inspirations obtained in theta. Reputedly, Salvador Dali learned how to go into theta where he got those bizarre visions for his surreal paintings. Learning to go into theta is imperative for revving up your creative skills. This will be the subject of another newsletter.

Lastly, when your brain wave function drops to a frequency of 3 and lower, you are asleep. That’s the delta state.

Back to alpha. When you are in alpha, a door to your subconscious opens. When this door is open, you can program your subconscious. If you “try” to program your subconscious in the beta state, that door is closed so you will be talking to your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is critical and analytical. When you give yourself a goal in the awake state, your conscious mind will come up with a dozen logical reasons why you can’t achieve it.

In sum, when you use imagination to attain your goals, be sure you are relaxed and in your daydreamy state of mind.

                                      -- Harry Carpenter
                                      Author of The Genie Within

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