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The Author

Harry W. Carpenter

Harry was conditioned with the idea that his mind could do almost anything at a young age. He came down with a life-threatening sickness when he was 9. After being bed-ridden for a year and getting worse, his parents hired a practitioner trained in mental healing. The practitioner cured him. The impressionable mind of a 10-year-old boy reasoned that if his mind could heal him, it could do almost anything.

He began looking for the secret. It took decades before he found a suitable model on how his subconscious mind worked. The paradigm was simple and compatible with experts and philosophies he respected. Once he knew how his subconscious worked, it was easy putting it to use.

Due to his success in using his subconscious mind, Harry was encouraged to teach what he had learned. He taught his first classes 45 years ago but stopped teaching to pursue a career in aerospace engineering and raise four children. He resumed teaching when he retired in 1994.

The impetus for writing the book came from students asking for a source with the information he teaches. No book comes close because the information Harry teaches was collected from many books, teachers, and lots of practice. The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind is the distillation–the best of the best–of 70 years of reading, studying, practicing, and teaching.

Harry lives in Southern California with his wife, Jane, three dogs, and five tortoises. He and Jane have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.