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Radio Interview

Here is a link to my latest radio interview.  The interview is by Constance Arnold on the Law of Attraction Network. It is my fourth time on her program, which is a record, and it lasts 45 minutes.


Video series

Below is a series of videos about some of the concepts in my books. I hope you enjoy them.


Stand Up, America, No 16


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So, these are four of the last newsletters sent by email. Suzy Chandler, who came up with the newsletter idea and published it every month, and I, thank you for letting us into your inbox every thirty days. The newsletter has been fun and we trust you have profited by it. 

“Stand Up, America”  No. 16
More exciting news about exercise. In Newsletter No. 7, February 2014, the leading researcher, a professor in Scotland, stated, “Chairs are killers.”
The basis of that statement was the fact that the longer we sit, the more bad stuff agglomerates in our blood, leading to chronic diseases, such as circulation and heart problems and diabetes. To counteract these bad doings, we need to get up every hour or sooner and move around.
Well, get this! Recent research in another country substantiates sitting is not good for you (The Week, October 3, 2014).
Swedish scientists took blood samples from a group of sedentary, overweight men and women, all 68 years old. They measured the length of the subject’s telomeres—caps on the ends of DNA. The length of our telomeres is significant because they shorten as we age.
Half the volunteers were started on a moderate exercise program and told to sit less. The other half of the subjects, the control group, were told to continue their normal lives.
Blood tests were repeated six months later. The telomeres of the control group had shortened, as expected. In other words, the cells aged as they normally do. But the telomeres in the exercise group had grown longer.  Translated into layman’s terms, the cells actually became younger.
But that’s not all! The telomeres of those that exercised most, grew the least and sometimes even shortened. Wow.
The most beneficial factor in reducing aging of cells was time spent standing up!
Why are you sitting there? Stand up while you’re reading this.

                                         -- Harry Carpenter
                                            Author of The Genie Within

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Imagination and Alpha, No. 15

Last month I talked about imagination as a tool for achieving goals. Imagination has been pioneered in athletics but it can be used for almost anything. However, there is a requirement when using imagination to achieve a goal—you must be in the alpha state. Alpha is a normal state that you go in and out of all the time but you are unaware of it. If you were to stare at the wall and daydream, you would be in alpha. You could call it your daydreamystate.

Basically, there are four states of mind: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta is the awake state where your mind is active and aware of what’s going on around you. Vigilance, thousands of years ago, and today, was imperative for survival. The brain wave frequency in the beta state is 14 cps (cycles per second) and higher.

Next in line is the alpha state where your mind slows, relaxes, and focuses on one thing rather than all that busy stuff going on around you. This is the state where it is possible to control involuntary functions, such as heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism. We cannot control our involuntary functions consciously, but we can control them indirectly in alpha using imagination. Brain wave frequency in alpha is 13 to 8 cps.

Slower yet is the brain wave frequency in the theta state, 7 to 4 cps. This narrow range occurs just before dropping off to sleep. It is important because it is the range where problems are solved and inspirations occur. Many science mysteries have been solved, songs written, and artistic inspirations obtained in theta. Reputedly, Salvador Dali learned how to go into theta where he got those bizarre visions for his surreal paintings. Learning to go into theta is imperative for revving up your creative skills. This will be the subject of another newsletter.

Lastly, when your brain wave function drops to a frequency of 3 and lower, you are asleep. That’s the delta state.

Back to alpha. When you are in alpha, a door to your subconscious opens. When this door is open, you can program your subconscious. If you “try” to program your subconscious in the beta state, that door is closed so you will be talking to your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is critical and analytical. When you give yourself a goal in the awake state, your conscious mind will come up with a dozen logical reasons why you can’t achieve it.

In sum, when you use imagination to attain your goals, be sure you are relaxed and in your daydreamy state of mind.

                                      -- Harry Carpenter
                                      Author of The Genie Within

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Well, Imagine That, No. 14

Which of these options do you think would be the best way to learn something new, or improve something you already do?  

         1. Read how-to books

         2. Talk about it   

         2. Practice physically

         3. Practice mentally

Option 1?  It’s a good way to start. Option 2? Talking about it (conscious mind activity) would probably set you back rather than forward. 

Option 4 is arguably best but using a combination of 3 and 4 is necessary for optimal results.

The use of mental practice in sports is universally accepted, but many people do not realize that mental practice works, not only in sports, but in everything—sales, public speaking, school, design, art, and even building muscle.

Mental practice works because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined. It doesn’t care whether you imagine something or experience it—it’s the same.  In both cases, it’s brain cells firing in a certain pattern and sequence.

Practicing in your mind’s eye can be even better than physical practice. For example, when you rehearse throwing darts in your mind, your toss is perfect, and the correct neurological pattern is fired. When you toss darts in the pub, you rehearse your same old toss.  Thus, imperfect throwing technique is reinforced instead of the ideal you are striving for.

When you rehearse a speech in your mind’s eye, for another example, you learn it at a subconscious level where, for one thing, you gain an inner confidence. Then, when you give it at work, it sounds more sincere and you emote self-confidence. In addition, when you practice in your imagination, you recognize weak points in your presentation that need editing and you anticipate questions.  When I used to mentally practice technical presentations, I would hear myself (my subconscious) asking questions.  As a result, I amended my talk to avoid questions and I was prepared for queries from the audience.

 “What fires together, wires together.”  The more you practice in your mind, the more you wire the patterns for a perfect performance. So if you want to improve your golf, increase sales, perform perfectly in front of an audience without nervousness, or design a better widget, take five or ten minutes a day to practice mentally.

 Ah, but there is a catch. You must do your mental practice in the alpha state of mind, not the awake (beta) state—more about that next time.

P.S. More information on exercising: All runners in a study group benefitted the same, whether they ran five minutes or thirty minutes a day (The Week, Aug. 15, 2014). See The Genie Within Newsletter No. 7.

                                      -- Harry Carpenter
                                      Author of The Genie Within

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Long Live Longevity, No. 13

At least one new book on how to live longer and look younger is published every week. Topics include such things as cosmetic surgery, exercise, diet, and attitude. Cosmetic surgery may make you look younger, but it won’t make you live longer. Exercise and diet are important and everybody, young and old, should eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. That leaves “attitude.”
Attitude is the key to living longer. First, as pointed out in a previous article in this newsletter, attitude affects the immune system: happy, gracious thoughts enhance, whereas negative thoughts impede your immune system. You need a healthy immune system to live a long and healthy life.
Second, you need to think and act young to live a long fruitful life. The concept that thinking and acting young can make you physically younger was studied by Professor Ellen Langer of Harvard. Professor Langer conducted an experiment with a hundred men, seventy-five to eighty years or old. The men spent five days at an isolated retreat where they were instructed to think it was twenty years ago. They were provided 20-year old magazines, radio and TV programs.
The men were divided in two groups. The control group was instructed to focus on the past but all conversation would be in the present tense. Theexperimental group was instructed to return to the period twenty years ago and not talk about anything that has happened in the last twenty years. Thus, the context for the control group was the present (albeit, talking about the past), while the context for the experimental group was to be the person they were twenty years ago and experience the way things were twenty years ago.
All subjects were tested physically and psychologically before and after the five-day retreat. All participants did better in the physical and psychological tests after the five-day retreat but the experimental group did best. Moreover, participants were reported to look three years younger, stand taller, and have an improved memory after the retreat.
Professor Langer’s study implies that our belief in how we are supposed to grow old is not necessarily so. We can influence how fast we age, and how long we live, with our attitude.
Think younger; be younger; live longer.

                                         -- Harry Carpenter
                                            Author of The Genie Within

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Blog: eBook Cover

My eBook, Pickleball: The Mental Side, will be published and available on Kindle in a few days. Here is the Cover, designed by Suzy A. Smith.


Blog: French Edition

Blog: French Edition

The Genie Within in the French language was published in Canada this October and it will be published in France next February. This is the cover--


Book Review by Shenai G – Montreal, Canada

I could not agree more with the comment on that IT IS THE LAST BOOK YOU WILL NEED ON THIS TOPIC! Over the last 12 months, I have read countless material about the power of the subconscious mind and no doubt this book is my last!

Other material I have read about the subconscious showed and taught me about the power of the subconscious mind and I am grateful for those. But it just kind of stopped there. I knew I had this gigantic power as we all do, but did not really know what to do with it exactly and clearly. Actually it kind of gets frustrating that you know you have got this power but don’t know what to do with it… And, yet this book made me “believe” in this power in a true sense, internalize it, and understand completely and clearly what to do with it.

As I finished this book, a button got literally turned on inside me that I felt as strong as the entire universe. It got me into action in an area of my life where I knew I could do something well yet everything needed because I am created with that power and I SO wanted that… but somehow deep inside something was stopping me… and this has been so for a long, long time… I think most of us can relate to this kind of a story… But here is what happened: the day I read this book, the locked gate was open… with clarity, enthusiasm and action flowing.. now it is like a waterfall… as I read this book a switch got literally turned on inside me and in came the light…

In fact, after seeing the dramatic change in me, my husband and my 11 year old son got curious to hear what in the world got me into action the way I did. When I told them about the book they were thrilled. Now my 11 year old son is reading the book along with me (as I am reading it again and my husband will wait for his turn) because I am a walking proof of something so powerful in front of their eyes.

I am simply grateful! God bless you Harry! That is the best way I can summarize the value your book has had on me… Thank-you for your contribution to our lives.


Blog: Romanian Publication Chooses New Cover

The Romanian Publication staff liked the new cover so much they will use it. The book will be published next month. The cover was designed by Tim Carpenter, my son.

The Genie Within was published this June in China. I have not been able to find out how it is selling. 20,000 copies were sold in Taiwan in six months. I have a few copies in Taiwan characters and Chinese characters if anyone is interested. Yes, they are different.

The French publication is scheduled for December.